Zibo Cheng Jie moving Services Ltd is a collection of residents moved, piano moving, furniture disassembly, packaging, shipping, transfer machines, air conditioning large objects moving, long distance moving, qizhong of integrated services, services to and around Zibo city, both Shandong and neighboring provinces and cities. Zibo Cheng Czech moved service limited since established yilai, has has a support stable, and excellent of professional team, Zibo moved, and Zibo moved company, and Zibo moved company phone, and Zibo moved company price, and Zibo long-distance moved, and Zibo long-distance moved company, and Zibo moved company which good company through professional training and can skilled master moved skills of employees, ensure 24 hours timely, and thoughtful, and security to for you service.

    We are committed to all employees undergo a rigorous pre-service training, working time, fine seriously, gives you everything from slight damage; a fair price, customer-oriented, absolutely prohibit employees from accepting gifts customers smoke tea tips. We provide large enterprises, offices, schools, planning and personal move. For years, we in the community's concern and support, economic and social benefits has been improved, we will gradually improve the scientific management, service standards, when conditions are ripe, will be under the guidance of management consultants, into a comprehensive system of customer satisfaction and corporate identity system.

    We value derived from your satisfaction!