Moving several principles

    from China's traditional view of science, moving about so many, moving is not simply choose an auspicious day, time line, moving may not be, much less sloppy. Especially for those friends to move or to move in the future friends, friends or already moved house a heads up: moving don't forget about Feng Shui. Here are a few principles of moving, but also before and after the move to be aware of:

    a date is needed. Usually move up to select "water", it is best not to use "hot" days, when selecting a Yin Yang Ri, Yin combined with Yang Chen. Dr Cheng reminded: choosing an auspicious day, also depends on a good day this day with family on lunar new year animals came, and if this has to be adjusted while in date based on the need to find the appropriate time of day, set a suitable moving time. Usually completed before the next move at three o'clock in the afternoon, or moving can affect your luck at night.

    II, and moved to meet route of Xuan empty GUA acting, such on can reduced many not necessary of disaster became, like is 24 mountain in the from Garrison to b is dry Kan Gen earthquake four Yang Gua, from e to Xin Naixun away from Kun against four Yin Gua, from Yang GUA moved into yin GUA or from Yin GUA moved to Yang GUA is for auspicious, if by Yin into yin, and Yang into Yang that even inauspicious has. Popular version, to choose a good move of course is my friends, keep away from some directions and in some places, like hospitals, churches, towers and so on. Cannot avoid the place after then. Usually after to burn incense, and the red pieces. Some people disagree, often results in strange after moving a lot.

    three, moving the day of not taking a NAP in his new home, after the otherwise vulnerable to disease. Sleep that night, he will lie down in a matter of minutes after working for a while, said bed also.

    four, at home if you have God, advance moving into a worship and, when it comes to choosing an auspicious day and time leaning against the wall but not to, waiting for the time when seated, place it is best to find a dragon to sit on the bed.

    v, if there are pregnant women, should not be witnessed throughout the relocation process. Moving day in Kyrgyzstan, it is best to do work such as water heating, cooking, worship.

    six, moving the date night all the lights inside the House should be open to all the next day, Wang and endless. If you pay attention to, then all the lights should be lit for three days and three nights available at Mong Kok effect.

    seven, if you move the way the more remote, in carry-on luggage to bring a handful of rice and a new home and a small bottle of water to the soil. Especially for moving from one province to another province and even more so, not to mention abroad. So to prevent soil and homesick.

    eight, moving naofang, trouble in the future. So friends within a week after the move must be naofang, that is sure to please friends and family and neighbors in the home of excitement: or talk or eat or entertainment, and, as lively as possible to exorcise.

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