New House moving considerations

    before moving to a new home tend to have a lot of areas in need of attention, what steps does it make that move? Pay attention to what. The following summary will give all to help.

    ten days before the move

    If your new home is also in the decoration, make sure the completion date, recommended environmental protection ventilation for a week. In the meantime, you can inform the moving company moving company assessment, determine the moving date. Prepare all kinds of packing materials as soon as possible.

    seven days before moving

    measuring House size in every room, measuring large furniture, appliances, new home furniture layout (take care not to allow large furniture blocking Sockets). And all items classified waste disposal. We recommend that you purchase new furniture and moving dates staggered.

    five days before moving

    cleaning furniture cabinets, spraying, avoid bringing cockroaches to new homes. New home thoroughly clean up, spraying insecticide and drain in the corner. Check the new toilet drain hole is smooth, ceilings and walls are leaking, if there are areas in need of repair. Remember to take their computer hard drive data backup, just in case. Demolition of complex audiovisual equipment lines, preferably in line and do a number on the Terminal.

    three days before the move

    (1) connecting cable TV signal cable;

    (2) pay telephone outages or transfer procedures;

    (3), property or to the last degree of electricity, gas and water company, suspended banking payment business;

    (4), documents, jewelry, books, securities central depository, if necessary to the Bank safes;

    (5) dismantle air conditioners and water heaters, washing and defrosting the refrigerator;

    (6) notification mail and milk companies change address;

    (7) relatives and friends notice change of address;

    moving day

    1, the movers arrive, so as not to scratch the floor now, before new home scrap on the floor;

    2, before starting the handling, it is best to once again confirm the price is consistent with the previously agreed price;

    3, again telling workers what is valuable and fragile items;

    4, delivered when and where is the best spot to tell workers placed large, save your tired of suffering;

    5, with the moving company before you checkout, be sure to first inventory items: focus on valuables, fragile items is lost or broken, scattered articles, household electrical appliances is running bumps or broken furniture, placing of bulky items to meet the requirements;

    6, records, contract, driver's name, car number, only to sign a contract;

    7, request an invoice or receipt after checkout.

    after the move:

    moving after finishing

    (1), wipe the floors, tables, chairs, cabinets, etc;

    (2) essential everyday items sorting in place to ensure the normal order of life;

    (3) organize commonly used goods, some usual basic things can be put into storage after finishing;

    (4) being the basic items in place, after the room had been cleaned, make clothing, beds, table cloths, etc;

    (5) Finally, the room that lets put some decorations to beautify your home.

    after damage claims

    (1) for damage to household appliances, moving company afford the maintenance costs should be invited, if damaged, new products should be compensated;

    (2) moving company caused personal injury, moving company should be responsible for medical expenses;

    (3) damage for valuables, shall request the relevant compensation to the sector valuation;

    (4) if the claim dispute process, you can find consumer association or related Department to solve.

    after Anton

    (1) receive the necessary license: Community passport covers, vehicle passes, parking permits, dog cards, and so on;

    (2) initiative and greet neighbors, mutual understanding, establishing initial relations with their neighbors.

    hope these summaries can give you convenient, was moved to a new house without trouble, only happiness. Finally, congratulations on your new home.

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