Moving your pet how to deal with

    front folk today many of us have pets, 1 synopsis of dog and cat owners have only limited joy, but came out, move these cats, dogs do? Recently seen a lot of reports, some people throw directly to pet. Such practices, I really do not understand, since it is a pet, for so long, both of us have the feeling, how to say throw throw? Do not love pets, now why do we have to support them. Dogs and cats are our partners, they are pretty cute, is 1 member of our family, to retain career limited interest in our life, when we moved, you can't facilitate them to throw. Since he had to take, threw what is, only 1 suggests that the people do not love pets, not loving, not having feelings, in cold blood.

    cats and dogs, after the hosts lost 1 as dire. Pet cats and dogs that ate dog food, cat food, not predators trick can only be starved.

    move how do cats and dogs do? If really tough, details to trusted relatives and partners, details and find a good adoption. Best if the owner has a private car, placed directly on the car, into the new House would be nice. Not so, gist bought a cage maybe 1 box, PET crates, placed on the moving company vehicles to pull over, but be careful, don't let the pet bites move to the company's workers.

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